Small Spaces, Big Stink (Life with Kitties)

Last week brought a new kitty into our household. This has increased my resolve to keep the litter situation under control. Some of the ways I do this are obvious – find a litter that works, clean it out every single day. One of my methods is a little unorthodox, and worth sharing.

Kitty litter and baby diapers, not so different after all. Both are stinky, both are constant. About 6 months ago I started using baby products to manage litter. I found some cheap diaper bags at a dollar store (100/$1), and got a Diaper Genie at Walmart for under $15. Every day I scoop the litter into the bags, and lock it away in the Genie. The bags get emptied when the Genie is full, about once every 6-8 weeks. The first round of liners still hasn’t run out, which means it’s pretty affordable. Having the disposal right next to littler box means I clean it out more frequently.

And best of all, it keeps things smelling MUCH fresher.


4 responses to “Small Spaces, Big Stink (Life with Kitties)

  1. I’m not a cat person, so when Bobby got one I made sure he kept the litter situation in check. This box has been a HUGE help. All of our cats learned to use it right away. It really cut down on the odor and litter tracking.

    I’m really enjoying your blog!

  2. That box looks amazing! I LOVE simple solutions, although I wonder if the hole is big enough for my 15 pound mega cat…

  3. That got me thinking, so I weighted our cat. She’s 15 lbs too! Little fatty. But she’s also been using it since she was tiny, so shes more used to it. Bobby is thinking of making his own out of a bigger tupperware tub by just cutting a hole and attaching some rubber tubing around the rough edge. It would definitely be bigger. Just a thought.

  4. I had the same thought! Plus you could cut the hole a little bigger. I even thought – you could use an all-weather, heavy-tread car floor mat on top to catch any flying litter.

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