Getting Oil Stains Out of Fabric

I wish I was the kind of elegant lady that never dropped any food on my shirt.

I am simply not that elegant. I cook, I eat, I craft, and I really love my clothes. This tip has saved many a beloved blouse.

Before you wash the item, pour a big ol’ mound of baby powder on the stain. Let it sit there for many hours, even days. Brush off the excess powder, take a clean dry cloth, and rub more powder into the stain. Wash in hot water with plenty of detergent, maybe even some OxyClean powder for extra oomph.

Let the item air-dry and see how the stain works. Sometimes it takes several rounds befor the stain is completely gone. When I still have a faint outline left, I’ll take a Q-tip and run a very small amount of powder direct on top of the stain, then rub in with a clean cloth.


2 responses to “Getting Oil Stains Out of Fabric

  1. Other solutions:
    -lighter fluid (no matches!)
    -dish soap

  2. I haven’t tried the lighter fluid, but the dish soap trick is a great one for when you need to still be wearing the article of clothing with the stain (like at parties).

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