Admitting Defeat

It’s the nature of bloggers to share their successes with the world. This entry is not about a success.

It’s been a hell of a week. A barely-hanging-on-till-the-weekend kind of week. It was also my week to bring breakfast for the team on Friday. And half out of frugality, half out of pride for my mad kitchen skills, I refuse to just go out and pick up some breakfast tacos on my way to work. I bake.

So last night I go to make some banana-apple muffins with two very black bananas I’ve been saving just for this purpose, prepare the bananas, shred the apples, get everything ready to go. And realize I am just slightly short on flour. “No problem” I think, “I’ll just go a little light on everything else”. I also decide that muffins are boring and a bundt would be nice. The cake goes in to bake and everything seems fine.

At the precise moment that the insides of the cake are just firming up, ready to be taken out, I just lose it. Not the cake, my mind. Or at least my mind’s control of my tears, pent of from a week that just wouldn’t give me any breaks.

That is about when the banana-apple muffin/bundt cake/muffins turned into this:


First, the insides just fell out. This is where I gave up, but Kim, in all his sweetness, peels out the outer later, places it carefully on top of the spilled cake-guts, and tells me that it is just fine and that it still tastes good.

I actually brought that monstrocity to work. It did taste good.


4 responses to “Admitting Defeat

  1. I think people love it more when you bring a cake like that… because we all live in the real world and have made cakes like this and sometimes we think it must only be our cakes…

    And sometimes cakes just fall.
    And sometimes so do tears.

    for us all.

  2. You brought banana-apple muffins to work? Man, I need to find a job at NI. 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well friend!

  3. Haaaaaaaaaahahahahahaa! I’m so proud of you for taking it to work with you!!!

    You should name it the banana apple monster.

  4. Hey I get no Friday morning breakfast and I bet I woulda loved eating your cake.

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