Keep Fresh Herbs Fresh Forever (well, almost)

One of my pet peeves with most groceries stores is that you are forced to buy impractical quantities of fresh produce. I want to be able to buy one carrot, one leek, and approximately one-half cup (chopped) parsley. Take the rubber bands off all these individual units!

Herbs are particularly frustrating. Who ever needs 2 cups of fresh cilantro? But fresh really does make a difference in many recipes. Here is my favorite way to make unused portions of fresh herbs last for future use:

Mince fresh herbs, use what you need, then take the leftovers and stuff as much as you can into an ice cube tray. Do your best to really pack the individual divots full of herbs. Cover with cold water, loosely cover with the plastic grocery bag, and freeze for one day. Remove herb cubes and put in a labeled freezer-proof container the name of the herb and the date.

These herb-cubes can be added directly to soups and sauces, or thawed and drained for use in thicker dishes, like meatloaf or burger patties. I wouldn’t use these cubes in their raw form (as in a garnish), but it is a great way to make the most out of your oversized parsley bunch.


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