DIY Top Entry Litter Box

Not to dwell on an unpleasant subject, but I wanted to update those of you who participated in the kitty litter post from last week on my latest project. Brianna endorsed this box as a great way to control smell and litter scattering. I loved the design, but not so much the pricetag. After all, it’s a plastic box, I have one of those sitting unused in my storage closet.

So I grabbed a utility knife, cut a hole, taped the rough edges, and called it done. Here’s the result:


It was pretty easy to cut, even though the plastic lid was not very pliable. I just started with a very light cut and went over it until the cut went all the way through. I did have one place where the edge broke all the way through, but the tape seems to be holding it up fine. I’m not sure the tape all around was necessary, but it seemed like a good idea to cover up any rough edges.

The kitties approve. It’s now much preferred over the Booda Dome. If I had it to do over again, I would have cut the hole smaller. Even fat cat Kadin has more than enough room, and there is still some litter scattering (notice that the box is being stored in the bathtub, that keeps it a little more contained).

But overall, it was an easy project that was free for me, and would only cost about $5-10 to duplicate with a new box. A simple way to save $25 and end up with nearly the same product in the exact size that you choose.


One response to “DIY Top Entry Litter Box

  1. You could purchase a small plastic kiddie pool to put your litter box in. We have done this in the past, and aside from taking up more space it did help with litter scattering.

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