Product Review: GreenPan Frypan

Last weekend, Kim and I found ourselves and Crate and Barrel looking for a new skillet. The idea of non-stick pans is appealing to me – using less oil, easier clean up – but the thought of seasoning our food with Teflon flakes isn’t exactly appetizing.

The GreenPan is supposed to solve that dilemma. The ceramic non-stick coating is heat proof up to 850 degrees and will not flake or peel off. It’s even guaranteed for the life of the pan. It’s produced in an environmentally conscientious way – with upcycled aluminum and minimal packaging – and designed to require less heat for equal cooking jobs as compared to regular cookware.

So far, it’s been very impressive! Foods that would usually made a stuck-on mess (taco meat, bacon wrapped chicken), wiped off easily with nothing but a soft sponge and some warm soapy water. I’ve read reviews for similar products by different manufacturers, and many of them say that the coating doesn’t last more than a couple of months, so I’ll update you in a year if I’m still impressed 🙂 But so far, we are very happy with our GreenPan purchase.


2 responses to “Product Review: GreenPan Frypan

  1. A Fritata Dream come true….

  2. It would be great for frittatas! Just make sure to stir and cut with wood or plastic utensils – metal will damage the non-stick surface.

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