Dear Oprah

Every couple of months or so I find myself at Shapely Prose reminding myself to be health-conscious, not weight-conscious. Today I found this article and had to share:

Dear Oprah

I had a similar reaction to Oprah’s latest press blitz about her latest weight gain. Even all of Oprah’s money, trainers, health food, and extreme media pressure cannot exempt her from the basic truth that all of us face: dieting doesn’t work.

I encourage you all to eat well, and treat your body with respect. Just don’t measure your success by numbers on the scale or dress tag. And if you need to review the reasons why, Shapely Prose is a great place to start.


One response to “Dear Oprah

  1. That’s a pretty neat website.

    Plus I’m never one to disapprove of someone taking down Ms. Perfect Oprah down a peg once in a while. 🙂

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