Auto Insurance By The Mile

MileMeter, a newcomer to the Texas auto insurance scene, is offering a new option that seems great for those of us who are really cutting back on the mileage we’re putting on the old automobile.

There are a few things I really like about this. First off, it encourages drivers to use their cars less. As compared to other insurance options, when you drive less, you pay less. You aren’t just subsidising the insurance costs of people who drive 10 times as much as you do. It’s also great if you and your spouse share a car- having a second driver doesn’t increase the cost. A quick estimate online tells me I could be saving $30/month for basic coverage!

Another great thing is that it makes you aware of how much you are driving. When you have to keep an eye on your odometer to see if your insurance is still valid, you’ll keep better tabs on how quickly that number is growing. And we should all be thinking about how much we are driving – being aware of your consumption is always the first step in being more responsible with your resources.

MileMeter is only available now for people with Texas Drivers Licenses. If you’d like to find out more, go check out the FAQ’s.


One response to “Auto Insurance By The Mile

  1. Thanks so much for your post. You’re right–MileMeter does provide a great incentive to drive less, which leads to fewer tailpipe emissions, less toxic toad runoff, and less demand for road and parking lot construction. So not only are YOU getting a financial break, you’re giving the environment a break, too!

    Marni @ MileMeter

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