DIY: Rustic Magazine Rack

final-mag-rackI like to have a place for all my things. Until today, I had not yet made a place for all the magazines I’m keeping around. I’m not a big magazine collector – but I do want to have a neat, organized location to store just a couple months worth (basically long enough for me to try all the recipes and read all the articles). I’ve always loved the vertical rod-and-slot system of storing newspapers at the library. The papers rested over a rod, then slide into a slot against the wall. It’s so space-efficient and tidy.

I had been turning this idea over in my head for a couple weeks when, on a walk with Kim, I stumbled upon a clearing full of fallen tree branches. Nice, relatively straight, plenty that were not too broken nor dry nor rotten. That’s where I got the inspiration for this organic-library hybrid magazine rack. I made mine fairly basic, but it would be easy to spray paint the twigs black first, or use a bolder colored twine to make it more interesting. You can also make it as long as you need – I’d love to see one going from the top of the door all the way to the floor!


  • Fallen branches – look for fairly straight ones, strong enough to hold a magazine without bending. Also avoid branches with black rot, a lot of worm holes, or any visible bug colonies living inside 🙂
  • Twine – I used 48 lb 3-ply jute, found in the jewelry section of a craft store. You’ll need about 4′ for each rod.
  • Small Hand Saw – borrow one from a friend, neighbor, or parent
  • Fine sand paper



  • Collect as many branches as you desire, plus a few extra (in case some break, or turn out to be rotted)
  • Use the saw to cut the branches down to size (about 18″)
  • Cut 4 pieces of twine – 2 for each side. For my 13-rod rack, I needed each piece to be about 12′.
  • Take 2 pieces of twine, hold together and fold in half. Wrap the end around your top rod, and tie a basic knot.
  • Tie another knot, then split the bunch into 2 and 2, sliding the next piece in between.
  • Repeat the double knotting, splitting, and knotting again until you get to the end of one side.
  • Wrap the ends around the last piece a few times, and tie the ends together
  • Repeat for other side, sliding the branches as you go to keep them centered. You want to make sure there’s at least an inch of stick outside the knot, so it doesn’t fall out of place.
  • To hang, insert nails through the top knot (under the first rod). Hammer in place. Make sure that the nails are in deep enough to keep it secure, even when tugging.
  • Hang your magazines on the rack by splitting the pages in half and lying it over one rod, then tucking the front section behind the next rod.
  • Do be warned that kitties think sticks and string are super fun.cats-playing

2 responses to “DIY: Rustic Magazine Rack

  1. Very creative. Very original. Fun and Functional. Very Emily.

    I kinda got sentimental looking at Kadin… wondering if he is looking at Sadie thinking “I used to be their everything…!”

  2. Oh he is still the favorite (at least mine). Sadie is cute, but she is not nearly as well-behaved. So Kadin gets firsts – first food in the morning, first hugs (after Kim) in the evening.

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