Top 5 Money Saving Ways to Enhance Your Love Life

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are my top 5 activities that save money, are good for the environment, and are great relationship-boosters for you and your significant other.

  1. Dine In – When you think of a romantic dinner, going out is the obvious choice. But staying in can be every bit as romantic, and much more intimate. Make your favorite meal, light some candles, set the table with your favorite dishes, turn off the TV and play some music. Linger over the dinner table with a glass of wine (or two). Enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Go on a Walk – Look up the local hiking trails in your area. We currently have a lovely greenbelt right off the back of our apartment complex. Going on a long walk together on the weekend gives us some time to enjoy nature and talk and laugh in a relaxed environment.
  3. Start a Tradition – For us, it’s Sunday Pizza. We both love homemade pizza, and on Sundays there is plenty of time to do all the prep on a relaxed time line. It’s an inexpensive meal, and something we look forward to.
  4. Share a Shower – Not only is this a nice way to connect and relax together after a long day, it also is a great way to conserve water! Plus, more often than not it leads you to….
  5. Get Busy! – Assuming that you aren’t actually making a baby, a little mattress dancing is FREE and fun. Why go out drinking with friends every weekend night when you can stay in, have some wine, and make your own fun?

One response to “Top 5 Money Saving Ways to Enhance Your Love Life

  1. Make a great new “play list” of your favorite music. That’s about all I feel comfortable adding 🙂

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