Reusable Rags: Reducing Paper Towel Usage

Tonight’s entry is much less a how-to than it is a request to hear your side of the story. I’ve been trying to reduce our dependence on disposable items. We now only use cloth napkins with meals, use newspaper from junk mail to clean windows and dry those pots and pans that turn dish towels black. I have some fabric rags (old t shirts) that I use for cleaning counter tops, carpet spills, dusting. Use a scrubby sponge for tough cleaning and dishes. But there are still some tasks for which I feel the need to keep a roll of paper towels around. Such as cleaning up food spills. For some reason it just seems icky to have a milk-soaked rag sitting in the laundry room. And then there are oily tasks. Can a fabric rag ever truly recover from sopping up spilled cooking oil? I’d like to hear about your paper vs. fabric use, and any tips you have for making the switch.


2 responses to “Reusable Rags: Reducing Paper Towel Usage

  1. I answered this in the poll, but the only thing I’ll use paper towels for is cleaning up if my dogs happen to make a mess inside. I just can’t stomach using cloths for that one!

    We bought a huge pack of microfiber cloths from Costco’s car supplies department, and they are miraculous. They are hideous and neon yellow, but boy do they do the jobs I need them to, including oil spills with a drop or two of vinegar!

  2. I voted that my dish towels are too adorable to keep in a drawer, but really I leave them out just to add at least A LITTLE color to my otherwise austere apartment. 🙂

    Seriously though, I don’t have much use for paper towels. It’s amazing how much you can do with a couple rags and a Swiffer.

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