Maghound: Save Money on Magazines!

Today’s post is about a cool service I just started using a few months ago. It’s called Maghound, and it allows you to “subscribe” to several magazines (3-15) through one service, with no contracts whatsoever! You just select a tier, and pick out 3, 5, 7, or 8+ titles/month. In a few weeks, you start receiving your magazines. Maghound tells you what date you can expect to receive each magazine, and allows you to select backups as well. So on one of the two months a year that Rachael Ray doesn’t put out a new Everyday, you can choose to receive Cooking Light instead. And at any point, if you decide you’d always rather receive Cooking Light, you can just swap it out in your preferences.

I’m on the 3 mags/month plan, and pay a tiny surcharge since Time comes weekly. It comes out to $5.70/month and is automatically billed to my checking account. If I were to buy each of these in the checkout aisle, it would cost me around $30/month. If I were to subscribe to all of these magazines via their website, it would cost me around $8/month, and I would be locked into a year of receiving only those exact titles.

Any way you look at it, it’s a great deal. I highly recommend checking into Maghound and seeing how much you can save.


2 responses to “Maghound: Save Money on Magazines!

  1. Oh man…jackpot!!! What a cool service!

  2. Maghound Alli

    Hi, my name is Alli, and I work at Maghound. I am really glad to hear that you are such a fan of Maghound – we hope that you are enjoying the service! We really appreciate that nice shout out on your blog. Also- we love to get feedback from our members, so if you have any suggestions please contact us through the Maghound site. Thanks again, and enjoy your magazines!

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