Using What We Have

This week, instead of looking at recipes and making a grocery list, I went through the pantry and freezer and made a recipe list. With just a few addition ingredients from the store, we had a solid week of good food.

Today’s lunch was a spectacular success. I threw together a can of Progresso Chicken Gumbo, a small bit of leftover frozen okra and tomato, some vegetable stew and rice from earlier in the week, spiced it up with some extra spicy habenero sauce, and simmered it until it was hot. Some frozen Alexa onion rings on the side rounded it out. This all managed to get rid of one pantry food, two freezer foods, and two random leftover sides. Without tasting too much like leftover freezer foods.

So today, I’m not recommending you follow my recipe for freezer gumbo. See what you have lurking in the shadows of food stores, you may be suprised by what you can come up with!


2 responses to “Using What We Have

  1. You should see our freezer/pantry…almost bare!

    With Kim’s famous Chicken w/ Rice and Vege Stew recipe…
    Chicken Breasts (been in freezer… need to use)
    Organic Raspberry Chipotle (moved with us from previous pantry…substituted well for the chutney and was already in the pantry)
    Celery, Onion, Green Pepper (bought week ago)
    Can of Stewed Tomatoes (in pantry)
    Rice (moved with us from previous pantry)
    Voila! Made us 2 Meals.

    Then this… Mexican Salad- (at least 2 meals!)
    Bought Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado ($3)
    Defrosted Lean Ground Beef (from my freezer)
    Can of Roasted Tomatoes (pantry)
    Taco Seasonings (pantry)
    Brown Rice (pantry, moved with us from previous pantry)
    Jalapeño Pinto Beans (pantry)
    Salsa (always in fridge)

  2. I did that the other day with macaroni elbows (pantry), kraft singles (deli drawer stock), vegetarian ground round (leftover in the freezer) and had veggie hamburger helper for lunch. Woohoo!

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