Allowing Yourself to be Happy

I haven’t blogged much this week, and for that I apologize. I think I just hit this point of oversaturation – too much bad news, too much talk of the economy and doom and gloom, and I just needed to tune out a bit. Contributing to the noise was the last thing on my mind.

I named this blog optimistically, thinking about how right now things in my life really are simple, andĀ  I like it that way (for now). But lately, things haven’t really felt simple. Unemployment can really take its toll on a family.

So for the past week, I’ve been trying to take joy in the simple things. Life is not always straightforward and easy. Some days are so much darker than we ever wish for. But we can make it through by shifting our focus to the little microcosms of life and brightness. So, for now, I am happy because:

  • I no longer have to wake up to an electronic beep.
  • I fixed my shoe situation and no longer get bonked on the head when I open my closet door.
  • My cubicle plants are thriving.
  • I got to spend time with a good friend this weekend.
  • Yoga with Jaya on Saturdays at 24 hour fitness makes me feel so good.
  • Daffodils were on sale, 20 stems for $3, so my kitchen is full of springtime color.

What makes you happy today?


4 responses to “Allowing Yourself to be Happy

  1. I love those daffodils!

    I am happy to be nearly done with a website for my photography business, and that I get to see my family two different times this week.

  2. Finishing a website is definitely something to be happy about! I’m looking forward to seeing it šŸ™‚

  3. I got to spend my weekend in Georgetown with my old compadres! šŸ˜€

    You’re a better person than me for finding yoga invigorating — one of these days I’ll give it a fair shake. Ha ha.

  4. your blog makes me happy today!

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