DIY Litterbox vs. Booda Dome

So several weeks ago, I informed you all of my great attempt at a DIY litter box. It seemed so practical and affordable! I had great hopes for how my top entry box would nearly eliminate litter scatter. Here is my update and final decision, which box won out?

booda-dome vs     litterbox

I wanted the DIY option to be awesome, I really did. But in the end, the good ol’ Booda dome has reclaimed it’s spot next to our throne, and the DIY box is in the dumpster. The problem with the DIY tub seemed to be in the plastic and the size. It had more sticking issues, and stayed smellier. We had to completely dump and change it just as often as the smaller box, even though it had a lot more litter and should have been able to absorb a little more, and the larger volume meant we went through a lot more litter. Plus, the lightweight little blend we’ve been using (Swheat Scoop mixed with Feline Pine Clumping) scattered just as much with the top entry as it did with the traditional Booda dome. In fact, it seemed it might even scatter worse, as the cats would make this flying leap out the top, and all the litter in their paws would project in all directions. With the dome, they make a step on to the litter mat first.

So, in conclusion, it doesn’t necessarily save you money to make this one yourself. The big increase in litter usage and time you’ll spend cleaning the beast every weekend (including soaking in disinfectant to deal with the smell), just isn’t worth it.


2 responses to “DIY Litterbox vs. Booda Dome

  1. Have you considered toilet training Kadin?

    Warning: Obnoxious laugh

  2. I have two relevant comments:

    1) We have, extensively, considered toilet training the kitties. We’re just not sure if we have the patience for it.

    2) I have had a cat fall in to the toilet before. It is truly hilarious. Only to be topped by the time that Kadin fell in my bubble bath, leapt out, and then ran around the house trying to get away form his tail, which was dropping bubble foam on his back and scaring him half to death. That was a fun bath.

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