New Sofa!

Today we went shopping for a sofa. This is a big deal because it is, in fact, the first piece of furniture I’m buying that isn’t a hand-me-down, second hand, Craig’s List, DIY, or damage sale deal.

It’s a beautiful, custom sofa that no butts have ever sat on other than our own. We won’t have the real deal for 8-10 weeks, but I do have a lovely computer-generated mock up to show you. Behold, the Berkeley sofa by Rowe:sofa
The fabric is a lovely deep grassy/moss green chenille that feels velvety soft without the shininess or boudoir-ness. Button tufted tight back, and warm wood base that will look great with the pine apothecary tables we’re inheriting from my parent’s recent downsize. It’s masculine and modern, yet soft and blends well with more traditional and eclectic pieces.

I decided last week that we needed a green sofa. It’s easy to get carried away with the neutrals in a home – they’re easy, they mix well, they’re not too much of a commitment to one style or trend. But you really do need a good “pop” of color, and if painting the walls is out of the question (woe to the apartment dwellers), then a bright piece of furniture can really do the trick. I’ll share pics of the new apartment and furniture as soon as it’s all in place (and thanks for reading my ‘yay new furniture!’ outburst)!


7 responses to “New Sofa!

  1. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. It’s lovely! I have a green couch too, and I have just loved it!

  3. Thanks girls! I can’t wait to accessorize 🙂

  4. did you order it from Gage?

  5. has it come in as expected?

  6. It has not yet come in – we’re due anytime in the next 2-3 weeks.

  7. Quick update- shipping took longer than expected, and we had to call in for updates. But when it did come in, they let me know promptly and the sofa is great! Just as ordered.

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