Crafting an Outdoor Oasis

patioOne of my favorite summer rituals is enjoying a chilled drink on a shaded patio, watching the setting sun coax the sky through its series of SweetTart colors. One of the many benefits of our new apartment is the patio – it has a lovely view of the hills, kept private by some strategically placed trees. Additionally, the bedroom is now large enough to store the bikes, which means the patio can be a place to relax instead of a place to store “stuff”. This weekend we put together the final touches – hung the curbside chandelier, installed a “bar” (which is really a 6′ shelf from Home Depot attached with a couple of brackets), and took care of the little mosquito problem with the ingenious Off PowerPad Lantern.

Then an impromtu visit to a garage sale landed us with these impulse buys:

pepper plant

tomato plant

While we’re pretty excited to be growing what appears to be a plentiful pepper crop and… well… two decent tomatoes, we also really have no idea what exactly it is that we’re growing. Are any of you readers gardeners? Could you help me identify these varieties? The peppers are a light yellow, turning purple in areas, with small white blossoms. The tomatoes, well I suppose I don’t care too much about the variety, but I would welcome any advice as to how to get the plant to produce more fruit, I have one large tomato, one smallish one, and one flower bud that seems to have a tiny baby tomato coming out – but the few other buds just have some dried strings coming out of the middle, no fruit.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


One response to “Crafting an Outdoor Oasis

  1. Awesome hang out.

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