Back from Vacation

Hello everyone – I’m back in Texas from a long three week trip in Europe. It was good to get away, and equally good to return home. We had some wonderful culinary treats along the way – from cinnamon beef stew in Brussels, Russian pilaf from our friends in Aalborg, delicious desserts from fresh home-grown berries by Kim’s mother, and all the baguettes and croissants we could handle in Paris. Plus crepes, Morrocan style couscous, and plentiful house wines.

We saw many sights, and spent even more time catching up with family and good friends.

It took 2.5 weeks for me to finally be ready to be home again, and to be ready to be back at work again. Notable, however, is the fact that I am actually ready to be back at work again. I think that’s why vacation is so important – when you’re in your daily grind, it’s easy to only see all the things you wish were different, being away makes you realize the things that you enjoy enough to keep doing.

So we’re back, and I’m neck deep in laundry and making recipe plans for the week. One the menu is all the things we missed while we’re away – pasta, spicy peppers, curry, and pizza. As wonderful as it is to go on culinary adventures, I am happy to return to my own kitchen and get back on the creative side of the plate.

And I’ll leave you with one picture from our adventures – on the Seine, after many hours of sun had left gold in our hair and freckles on my nose.


One response to “Back from Vacation

  1. it sounds like you had so much fun! what a great trip! and you look beautiful in your pic (as usual). 🙂

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