How to Sauce Pasta (You’re Doing it All Wrong)

There are some cooking tasks that you never really go about trying to learn. Things that seem obvious – like making a grilled cheese, cooking bacon, and combining pasta with sauce.

Yesterday I ended up on checking out a video series called “You’re Doing it All Wrong”, where experts demonstrate how to do simple things the best way possible. I didn’t expect too much, but I did learn a few things. Check out this video on combining pasta and sauce:


We tried it tonight and the results really did improve! I used the technique on some rotini with tomato sauce, beef, onion, and parmesan – using a tablespoon of butter at the creaming stage – and it was noticably different. The pasta really seemed to absorb more of the sauce, the sauce was thicker, the cheese more evenly distributed. In my opinion, worth the extra steps.

So you never know when you’ll learn something you didn’t even know you needed. The other videos in the series are pretty good too – some (muddling) more informative than others (grilled cheese), but I picked up a few good tips from all the ones I watched.


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