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The Secret to Perfect Scones

As much as I love scones, I’ve tasted plenty of bad ones as well. The one characteristic that all the bad ones had in common was dryness. The ingredient that all of my favorite ones have had in common is yogurt.

I realize you’re probably tired of me talking about yogurt, but bear with me here. Yogurt keeps the scones moist, and gives a rich flavor without the need for large amounts of butter. It’s also convenient for us, given that it’s not uncommon for us to have plenty of yogurt in the house, but no milk.

And in case any of you have been making your own, I got the best results of all time this past week using Costco’s Kirkland 1% milk and Stonyfield plain yogurt (not Greek style) as a starter. It was thick, creamy, even a little glossy in texture.

But back to scones. Here’s a recipe that charmed us this late Saturday morning, a comfort food for a grey rainy day.


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Making Yogurt

Stop grimacing! It’s not gross, I swear, and it’s not going to give you food poisoning. Making yogurt isn’t some special highly-complicated process best left to the pros, it is a simple food that any one of you can make at home. Why make it at home? It is cost-effective. A gallon of homemade yogurt costs you just what a gallon of milk does. Compared to cheap yogurt, this is at least  4 times cheaper, and compared to more expensive organic or Greek-style yogurt, it is just a fraction of the cost. It’s also much healthier – store bought yogurts often contain artificial sweeteners and flavors, high fructose corn-syrup, preservatives, and animal-based gelatin. It is also much better tasting – it has the delightful tartness of yogurt, without the sourness so prevalent in store-bought brands. It is the perfect companion to a big bowl of muesli in the morning, with a little drizzle of honey on top. Here is the summarized recipe, click below for the full details

yogurt in bowl

-Boil milk
-Cool milk to slightly warmer than body temp
-Whisk in a little existing yogurt
-Put in glass jars
-Keep warm in blankets for 8 hours
-Refrigerate for 5 hours

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